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The Perfect WordPress SEO Permalink Structure

What Are Permalinks in WordPress ? How to set up Permalinks?
The Perfect WordPress SEO Permalink Structure
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Permalink is a subjective term in WordPress only friendly type, instead of ID is difficult to remember.
And there is a very important note with Permalink below.

what Are Permalinks in WordPress ?

Permalink is a term used in WordPress for user-friendly or search-only paths, rather than for ID paths that are difficult to remember.

A simple understanding of Permalink is the structure of the links.

– Friendly link of the form:

– Instead of an ID path of the type:

With friendly links, just look at the path you were able to figure out the content of the article.

Also with ID path is too difficult, right? That is a great effect of Permalink.

Especially in SEO, the search engine loves the first version rather than the second.

How to set up a Permalink?

You go to the WordPress admin panel, then select the menu to the left of Settings> Permalinks

Common Settings: Common Settings.

Default: Path structure by default ID.

Day and name: The path structure with the type of post-date and post.

Month and name: The path structure with month, year, and post type.

Numeric: The path structure displays the article ID.

Post name: Only display the name of the article on the path. (The Perfect WordPress SEO Permalink Structure)

Custom Structure: Customize the path structure.

Note very important with permalinks

For example:

– Initially you modify the permalinks form (A):

– Visitors find your article useful, using the form (A) to share your articles on other websites such as facebook.

– Later you change the permalinks format (B):

So when someone else clicks on the old link (A) shared on facebook, it returns an error page. Google and search engines do not like this at all.


  • You need to choose a structure for your own.
  • Customize it right from the beginning when you have installed the WordPress website.
  • Best, from then do NOT modify again to avoid 404 error, dead link.

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