Learn How to Increase Blog Traffic for Your Online Business

Learn How to Increase Blog Traffic for Your Online Business

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. It doesn’t matter whether you are involved in niche marketing, affiliate marketing, sell physical product or digital goods, or you are simply interested in building brand awareness; without traffic, your website will flat line as will your ability to build a successful online business.

The truth is, when it comes to jump starting a website, finding and luring traffic in, is actually quite simple if you take the time to carefully structure your campaigns before your launch.

You need to create a system based on longevity, so that you can continue to generate traffic to your website long after the initial rush.

So, let’s get right to the heart of the matter; creating a rock solid, powerful traffic campaign that will skyrocket your sales and boost your brand awareness!

What You Will Learn: How to get traffic to your website

  • Find out how you can start generating targeted traffic to your website in less than 45 minutes!
  • The most important traffic generation tools that you need to blast fresh traffic to your site!
  • What FREE resources should always be a part of your traffic campaigns for maximum results!
  • How to create “index magnets” that will help you rank within the search engines quickly!
  • Where you can go to find HUNGRY buyers in your niche market, absolutely FREE!
  • One of the easiest ways of flooding your website with unstoppable traffic!

And Much, Much More!

Social Networking Traffic

Those who haven’t seized the power of social marketing are missing out on what is one of the easiest strategies of generating fresh, targeted traffic, at absolutely no cost.

One of the most popular social networks, carrying remarkable branding power is – Twitter!
Twitter’s interface is simple to navigate, and it’s popularity is unbeatable in comparison with any other social community, including Facebook.

The trick to generating traffic with information portals like Twitter is to be as active as possible and to post a mixture of both free and informative messages (referred to as ‘tweets’) as well as promotional messages that will send people through your affiliate links off to the merchants website.

Always try to think of ways of being entertaining, as the majority of people on twitter are interested in networking and communicating with new friends, and are reluctant to click on links or visit websites that they believe are promotional based. This means that you need to take a very different approach when promoting through these networks.

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With social networking sites you can:

1: Direct contacts to a squeeze page where you offer them a free download/product to encourage sign ups to build a targeted mailing list.

2: Direct contacts to your blog where they can learn more about you and your company.

3: Build brand awareness and an increased following base by using this option to thank them for following you, while simply including your website URL within your automated message.

Additional social networking sites worth joining:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/

Medium: https://medium.com/

G+: https://plus.google.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/

Traffic With Video

You can quickly generate nonstop traffic from video submissions. To begin, create a short video clip and then upload to the popular video directories, including http://www.YouTube.com

Software is really simple way to create great videos, The best service for this is found at


With GO by VideoRemix, They are giving you the ultimate in big brand, big budget video marketing sophistication that couldn’t be simpler to use – for INSANE value.

Use one of theirs INCLUDED templates or upload your own from anywhere online including:

  • Automatically pulls user data from Facebook or any email service provider.
  • Publish straight to the cloud or embed to any page builder or website.

Here are the top video distribution sites to include in your video marketing campaigns:


Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most popular methods of generating relevant traffic (and back links) from authority websites, to quickly maximize your outreach with high quality content that communicates directly with your target audience.

Article marketing doesn’t have to be a time consuming strategy either. If you aren’t able to create articles on your own, you can simply outsource them to experienced freelancers at affordable rates (see https://www.upwork.com/ or www.Guru.com for potential writers).

Best of all, you only need a handful of articles to jump start the process, and simply work towards submitting regular content each week to build up your portfolio and expand your outreach.

With article marketing, you can quickly build brand awareness and be seen as an authority in your market or industry.

When creating your articles for distribution, keep in mind that the title of your article is one of the most important components. If you choose the wrong title, you won’t be able to provoke interest or capture attention, so always take your time in choosing relevant titles that incorporate your keywords, and speak directly to your target audience. You have only a few seconds to pull them in!

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Generally, your articles should never be longer than about 300-350 words. This is enough to get your article accepted, but not so long as to lose your readers attention.

You also want to make sure that your content is unique, targeted and structured so that it addresses your prospects concerns, answers their questions, and solidifies your ability to provide them with the information they are looking for.

If you are new to article marketing, here is a quick overview of how it works:

  • You create and submmit quality articles that focus on specific topics, products or niche markets.
  • You submit these articles into popular article directories such as www.EzineArticles.com where they are quickly ranked within search engines driving in organic traffic.
  • Article directories hold weight within the major search engines, attracting thousands of visitors each day. Since your articles will appear within the major search engines quickly, visitors are funnelled onto your content pages where they can read your article content.
  • The more articles you have in circulation, the more exposure you will receive, however in order to direct visitors to your website, you must create a highly targeted author’s «resource box» which contains your external link as well as more information about you or what you’re offering.
  • With each article, the total number of incoming links pointing to your website or blog. The higher the number of links pointing to any particular website, the more signifigance the search engines will place on these links.
  • Search engines index articles that are published on these directories, and using keywords and relevant topics you begin to rank for specific keyword phrases, increasing your exposure instantly as people locate your articles when entering in these keyword combinations into the search engines.
  • Consistently work towards adding in more articles, increasing your overall outreach by being able to rank for individual keyword phrases, while covering multiple niche markets quickly and easily. Submitting 2-4 articles each week will help you keep the momentum going, while expanding your outreach with every article submission.

Article marketing is a form of traffic generation that requires an ongoing effort. While you can set up a solid article marketing system that will continue to produce results and generate exposure, in order to get the most out of your article marketing campaigns, you will want to continue to submit fresh content weekly.

Submit Your Articles is an incredible service that will help distribute your articles and maximize exposure, quickly and easily.

All you have to do is plug your article content into your Submit Your Article account, and they will go to work distributing your content to all of the top article directories online!

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Here are other automated article distribution services that are worth checking out:










Traffic From Press Releases

With press releases, you can begin to generate MASSIVE traffic within a few days and the cost of submitting a press release is very affordable, in fact, there are free press release distribution services online that you can use.

In order to create an effective press release, simply choose one of your articles and tweak it so that it’s structured to sound more like news, rather than content.

The objective of a press release is to make an important announcement and so you need to modify your article just a bit so that it’s properly formatted and appears to be news worthy.

Press Releases require a specific structure in order to be accepted as well and to help you get started; here is the basic anatomy of a proper press release:


Who: Who or what your press release is about? You need to include this information in the first segment of your press release.

What: What your press release is about.

When: When the product or service that you are promoting is being launched or made available.

Why: The benefits of the product or service and why your reader should purchase.

Here are the top press release submission services where you should focus on submitting your content:

[sociallocker id=”2794″]

















Note: With PR Web, you can have your press release approved in a matter of a day or two but what you want to keep in mind is that your press release should be “newsworthy”.

Many of the leading press release distribution services will not approve anything that is found to be too commercial.
Another incredible press release resource is found at http://www.WebWire.com

Traffic From Slideshows

With websites like www.Scribd.com and www.SlideShare.net , you can literally begin to generate prime traffic through your affiliate links moments after your slideshow has been uploaded to the community sites.

All of these websites rank exceptionally well in the search engines so your slideshow presentation can begin to generate views almost instantly.

When submitting your slideshow presentations into the major websites like www.SlideShare.net and www.Scribd.com make sure that you integrate tags and keywords so that your slideshows appear whenever a user conducts an on-site search using your chosen keywords.

Here are the top places to submit your presentations and slideshows:







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